Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Suicide Prevention Day

Our school celebrated Suicide Prevention Day on Sept. 10 with kite flying. 

There is a display of books and pamphlets related to suicide and depression in the library in honour of World Suicide Prevention week.

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide please talk to someone. 

The Manitoba Suicide line is open 24 hours and is toll free.


You can also find online help at www.reasontolive.ca 

Helpful information on depression and suicide can also be found under the Touchy Teen Topics link in the sidebar.

Student council reps, students, and community members gathered on the outside track to fly kites on Sept. 10 in recogniton of Suicide Prevention Day.
Ms. Armstrong's kite from home was harder to fly than the provided kites as it was larger and needed more wind. With students' help the kite eventually took high into the air'

The kite climbed higher and higher until it ultimately flew right off the insecure string spool and sailed high above the trees and was lost to a neighbouring field. 

It seemed a fitting end to a kite representing Suicide Prevention Day and hopefully took with it any feelings of helplessness and hopelessness experienced by anyone today.

Mrs. Pritchard, centre, with Safe Communities and Central Youth Suicide Prevention Committee reps who provided kites, cookies, water and suicide prevention awareness materials. The event was the result of a partnership between Safe Communities, the Central Youth Suicide Prevention Committee and Carman Collegiate Student Council.

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