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Using the Ebscohost database is a great way to search magazine, newspaper and encyclopedia articles as well as the texts of radio and television news scripts.  These can count as print sources for many class projects.

Ebscohost Click on Ebscohost in the sidebar and type in your library card number. If you do not have or know your Boyne Regional Library card #, please see Ms. Armstrong.

Grade 9 Art

Here is the presentation that Ms. Armstrong showed to the Grade 9 Art class, Impossible Landscapes, Improbable Creatures and Questionable Physics - Gaining inspiration from the writing and art of Dr. Seuss to go along with Ms. Adams presentation on surrealism.

Grade 10 Math

Finding the surface area of cones

Grade 8 Cell Theory

Students in Grade 8 studying about the cell theory may want to check out this link.

The article has links to information about Theodor Schwann and Matthias Schleiden who in 1838 developed the cell theory. There are also links about the contributions of Hooke, Leeuwenhoek, Oken and Brown.  

Here are some more links about the cell theory and cell biology:

The Biology Project : Cell Biology

Official Tourism websites for Canadian Provinces and Territories

Cultural, recreation and travel information for Canadas provinces and territories.
Nunavut Tourism
Northwest Territories
Travel Yukon
Tourism PEI
Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism
Nova Scotia Tourism
New Brunswick Tourism
Quebec Tourism
Ontario Tourism
Travel Manitoba
Saskatchewan Tourism
Travel Alberta
Tourism British Columbia

Grade 8 Egyptian Research

Try these sites for Social Studies projects on Ancient Egypt.

Building the Pyramids

Egyptian Project on Senet
Egyptian Life

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